Yes, I’m guilty! Guilty of destroying pillow cases, hotel towels, and clothes because I failed to take my make up off at night. I know what you are thinking. As a licensed esthetician I should know better, right? Well, I’m certain you have come home from a long day and all you could think about was getting in your bed, too.

During my travels, it was nice to see that certain hotels started providing make-up remover wipes in the room. The problem is, you only get ONE wipe! When I am in full glam, my face is usually bullet proof and contoured to perfection. Primer, foundation, concealer, and a wide range of color. After using that one wipe, I would find myself still murdering the hotel wash cloth while cleansing my face in the shower. I even thought it would be a good idea to start bringing my own wash cloths, but having to pack a wet washcloth is just a breeding ground for bacteria.

I was on a mission to find make-up remover wipes that did the best clean up job. I’m talking about a thorough cleansing in just 1 or 2 wipes that would leave my face feeling fresh. I still use a professional facial cleanser in the shower, but the right wipes would take away the need to do a deep double cleanse before bed.  Here are three products that I discovered that will change your evening cleansing routine for the better:

Fresh Ends Luxury Towelettes 
I love Fresh Starts Luxury Make Up Remover Wipes because they are individually wrapped.  I can decide how many I need for the day. They are small enough to fit in my make-up bag and I find them convenient to use when I need to freshen up my make-up after a long day at work.  They are hydrating, alcohol fee, paraben free, and biodegradable, so I don’t need to worry about flushing them down the toilette.

Intrinsics Naturally Gentle Cleansing Towels 
I love these Intrinsics cleansing towels. My face feels refreshed after one use. They have a great cucumber and green tea scent. I can use these cloths before or after a make-up application. It’s as close as you are going to get to using an actual face cloth. They are also made of 100% natural cotton, makes which them great for sensitive skin.

Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes
This is my old faithful! Dermalogica has a double cleanse philosophy that begins with a precleanse. These wipes breakdown the make-up and oils on the skin and prepare the face for a regular deep cleansing. I feel these wipes are great when wearing a heavier look. You will still need to follow-up with a good facial cleanser, but the precleanse wipes will give you the most bang for your buck!

The best place to leave your wipes is right by your hand soap in the bathroom. This way you will have a constant reminder to wipe your face after washing your hands. Doing a nightly cleanse is great for more than preventing the destruction of towels.  During the day, your face builds up a lot of excess sebum, dirt, and oils. It’s important to clean all of the day’s debris off the skin and keep your skin hydrated with anti-aging serums or night creams. Your skin is repaired and replenished while you are sleeping.

I am hoping this will motivate you to stop giving housekeeping an extra load of laundry and keep your face fresh and clean!

Always treat yourself well,