Voncelle Mull is an accomplished consultant specializing in international marketing, business development and public relations for wellness brands. Voncelle is also the founder of the Southwest Spa Alliance. Her mission is to prepare spa professionals for global success by developing continued education resources and international partnerships that will empower them to become outstanding business leaders. She has a successful 18+ year career in finance and chose to pair her knowledge of winning business practices with her passion for the spa industry. Her primary focus is in postgraduate career development for spa and wellness professionals.

Her newest venture Well Served Media, LLC provides content marketing, branding, and strategic planning for small businesses in the spa & wellness industry. Voncelle is often asked to be a contributing writer and editorial resource to discuss the latest trends in beauty, spa & wellness publications.

Voncelle is an advocate for healthy skin. In her role as the director of a skin cancer foundation, she gained extensive experience in skin cancer education and prevention. Voncelle has developed partnerships with sun protection companies and cancer centers around the world to provide and promote skin cancer awareness to the communities of Arizona.She successfully developed the first-ever Sun Protection Expo to support shade structure development for school playgrounds.

Voncelle teaches restorative healing through a mentoring program that inspires personal journeys to wellness. She thrives hosting community events that create rewarding experiences which provide health and lifestyle information to disadvantaged families and communities. She has partnered with the Street Light USA Foundation, Central Arizona Shelter Services, and Compassion Queen Creek.

Voncelle is very passionate about her Christian faith and loves to inspire others through her journey with Christ. Voncelle can be reached at info@swspaalliance.com

Thuy Karr is a highly-sought after dually licensed therapist specializing in therapeutic massage and corrective skin treatments. She is the owner of Karrma Salon & Day Spa located in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ. Karrma Salon & Day Spa has developed a reputation over the past 10 years as a premier full-service salon and spa. Known for her precision and skill with waxing, she has become the estheticians leading choice for advanced waxing education.

Thuy (pronounced TWE-EE) developed a passion for massage and esthetics as she was pursuing a career in physical therapy. She was drawn to the instant gratification of massage and how her clients would respond to her healing touch. This led Thuy to pair her love of anatomy with the science of the skin.

As a skin therapist, Thuy has refined treatment protocols to maximize results for her clients. Thuy is a student of technique, ingredients, and procedure. You can always find her in class consuming information and challenging theory. Thuy lives by her philosophy that a great therapist should always be developing their craft through education.

Thuy is dedicated to assisting spa professionals through postgraduate education and hands-on workshops. She volunteers her time often to teach students and tenured therapists the art of achieving the perfect brow. Her desire to educate was the driving force to create the Southwest Spa Alliance, which is a community for wellness industry professionals to connect, learn, and grow. She presently has over 830 members.

As a humanitarian, Thuy volunteers her time and service to the less fortunate and financially disadvantaged. She loves animals, holistic healing, and nature. Thus can be reached at info@swspaalliance.com.